Soils Application LLC is truly a “full service” contractor.  You’re welcome to use our list of services as a check-off list to help you plan your next project.

Design: When we are asked to design an Onsite Septic System for a customer there is certain things we need to know. How is the property to be used?   For example,  commercial, residential, single family, multi-family or home based business.  Other important issues such as the location of the power and water, driveway access and things like extra Rv-dumps. The more information we receive from the customer the better service we can provide.

We design systems to meet the needs of the resident.  Once we have all the information we can then utilize it to find the least invasive systems aesthetically and financially. Working as an intermediary between the owner, builder, installer and county often times we are the ones who answer the hard questions about where things need to go.

As a service to the owner, once we have a design that has been approved for construction by the county or other government agency, we can put the system out to bid to different excavators who work with Soils Application on a regular basis. This little service often gives piece of mind that customers are getting a quality job from a reputable company for a reasonable price.

During the installation we will complete inspections to make certain things progress as they were intended. After the system is installed a final inspection will be made of all the parts and pieces of the system. A record drawing will be furnished and submitted to the county for final approval.

Once the system has been approved and setup, the owner will receive copies of the record drawing and a manual about the care and feeding of the system. If the customer would like we can add them to our growing database of annual and tri-annual inspections. We offer thins service to keep owners current with the county regulations regarding the inspection of existing systems.

Consultation: We provide specialty services to assist our customers in site development. With experience in many facets of the development of residential and commercial properties, we see our customers through the whole project. Often times helping prospective builders and homeowners find the layout that works. We can help clients determine where a well can be placed, or where a house would be best placed to maximize the natural ascetics of the sites.

Inspections: Soils application has been helping realtors and homeowners as an intermediary between them and the county for years. Let us help you with inspections for the sale of a home.

We also inspect systems for the purpose of procuring building permits, loan certification, food preparation or required annual inspection‘s.

Land Divisions: When a property owner proposes to split an existing lot into pieces there can be many snags that can cause major headaches and cost valuable time and money. Soils Application will help find all the little pit falls that can turn a simple division into a long drawn out process.

Soils Evaluation: When a property Is to be developed one of the first things a lender, owner or builder needs to know is the type of soil and where that soils is located on the property. This information is critical in the proper development of a complicated site. When we are hired to do a soils evaluation we will not just dig two or three holes, file some paperwork with the county and leave the customer wondering what they just paid for.

When we look at the soils we need to know what is the ultimate goal of the owner. Does the system have to be located in a certain spot?  Or can we explore the site and try to find the most economical and least invasive site for future construction? The more we know about the site, the better product we will provide to the end user of the property.

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